3 Ways To Future Proof Your Bathroom

Below we recommend 3 ways you can future proof your bathroom.

Did you know in 2016, there were an estimated 308 people of a pensionable age for every 1,000 people of a working age in the UK. By 2037, this is projected to increase to 365 people.

Therefore, future proofing your bathroom is extremely important as the older you get, the higher the chance of slipping and falling whilst bathing or showering. Especially when the soapy water and smooth surfaces combine to create a slippy and dangerous situation.

1. Invest in an Easy Access Bathing Solution

One way in which you can future proof your bathroom is by investing in an easy access bath to reduce the risk of climbing in and out. Bathe Easy they believe everyone should be able to have a relaxing, enjoyable bath time experience without the worry that can often come with climbing in and out.

The easy access bath manufacturer has 4 different collections including Walk-In Baths, Shower Baths, Deep Soak Baths and Power Seat / Traverse Baths. Each have been specially designed to create a safe and stylish bathing solution for your household.

Click here to visit the Bathe Easy website.

2. Apply an Anti-Slip Coating

To help reduce the chances of slipping and falling whilst in the bath or shower as well as whilst getting in and out, an anti-slip coating is the ideal solution. Simply No Slips Non-Slip Treatment is an easy to apply anti-slip coating that can be applied to the surface of an acrylic and gel coat bath or shower tray.

The innovative and easy to apply coating is the perfect replacement for a bathmat as it is both a permanent and hygienic non-slip solution for baths and shower trays. It will future proof your bathroom space making bathing and showering safer for the entire family.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, click here.

3. Install Additional Bathroom Accessories

Installing bathroom accessories such as grab rails and fold down shower seats can be hugely beneficial as they offer additional stability and safety throughout your bathroom space. However, often it can be difficult to find grab rails and other bathroom accessories without the clinical look and feel.

Bathe Easy have developed a stylish range of brassware with the wellbeing and safety of a household in mind. The bathroom accessories go with any bathroom style, are easy to clean and come with a life long guarantee.

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