How To Reduce The Chance of Slips & Falls in the Bath

Find out how Simply No Slip Anti-Slip treatment can reduce slips & falls in the bathtub.

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in a home and often a place where many accidents take place.

The soapy water and smooth, curved surfaces combine to make the bath extremely slippy which increases the risk of slipping and falling which can be a dangerous situation, especially for children and those who are unsteady on their feet.

Ensuring you rinse any leftover liquid in the bath and keeping the area tidy can help reduce the chance of falling however these steps can easily be missed if you are distracted or in a rush. At Simply No Slip, we recommend applying an anti-slip coating to the bath surface to ensure there is always a non-slip bathing solution to help reduce the chance of slips & falls for you and your household.

The Simply No Slip anti-slip treatment has been specially designed to be applied to the surface of an acrylic or gel coat bath surface to reduce the danger of a wet area, offering additional safety when manoeuvring in and out of the bath.

As well as reducing the chance of slips and falls, there are a number of other benefits to applying an anti-slip treatment to your bath, especially when compared to a standard bath matt. A slip resistant coating is much easier to clean, has a longer life span and you aren’t limited to size as you can apply the non-slip treatment to as much of the bath surface that is needed. Also, the Simply No Slip anti-slip coating is a discreet solution as it is translucent therefore it won’t impact your bathroom style.

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Simply No Slip is also a suitable anti-slip coating solution for shower trays, outdoor hot tubs and swimming pool steps.

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