How To Make Your Shower Safe

Find out how to make your shower tray slip resistant

Making your shower a slip free environment is often something that is overlooked, every year 234,000 adults and teenagers suffer from a slip in the shower due to not following the correct precautionary measures, as stated by visually.*

Taking a shower is something that either kick starts an individual’s day or becomes part of their winding down time on an evening. However, no matter what time of day there is always a risk of falling as the soapy water on the smooth shower tray can create a slippery surface. This can be a dangerous hazard for all individuals within a household.

We have a number of ways you can keep your shower area safe, reducing the chance of falling and injuring yourself.

Firstly, storing your shampoo and conditioner bottles on a suction cap or built-in shelf is a great way to avoid tripping in the shower. Storing them away from the shower floor helps to keep them out of the way whilst at the same time improving your organisational skills!

Another great way to make your shower a slip-free zone is by applying an anti-slip treatment. This provides a non-slip coating which reduces the risk of you slipping and falling due to a slippery surface. Our product Simply No Slip Anti-Slip Coating is the perfect solution to add to your shower trays and baths to create that slip-free environment that we all desire.

Keeping those drains block free is the perfect way to minimise the risk of slipping. A constant flow of water will prevent the shower tray from filling with an excess amount of water which can increase the risk of slipping for all members of a household.

Finally, for those individuals who might be a little unsteady on their feet already, without the added risk of water is installing a grab rail or a shower seat. Having either of these can give individuals added comfort knowing that if you did become a little uneasy you can take a sit down, or grab the handrail to rest against. Visit Bathe Easy for their full range of accessories.



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